30 March 2009

Rural Arunachala

A couple of days ago on Ugadi (Telegu New Year) visited my friends at their farm south of Arunachala. But absolutely need no excuse to visit their place which is located about 8 kms from the base of Arunachala (as the crow flies).

They have a couple of acres of their farm currently under rice cultivation.

And below a worker winnowing the rice.

And next some of the beautiful cows at my friends' farm.

And more of their large herd of cows, peacefully grazing in front of Arunachala.

Some of the young 'uns foraging amongst some nice 'tasties' in a nearby field.

My friends have 11 doggies, most of whom have been with them since birth. Below is one of their large doggie contingent. As always when visiting the farm make sure to take lots of snacks for the doggies -- probably the reason I'm always welcomed by them with such a great fanfare.

One of the doggies making friends with the goats on the farm.

Nearby the farm are Reserve Forest Hills, which are excellent for a day's hiking and walking.

All in all a lovely way to welcome the New Year albeit Telegu New Year!

For information and photographs of agricultural land available in the same area as the farm, visit this link here.

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