9 April 2009

Arunachala Grace News, April 2009

The current issue of Arunachala Grace News, will be sent out tomorrow direct to subscribers email inbox. If you wish to receive this bi-monthly Newsletter please fill out the subscribe facility at the left column of this page.

This month's Newsletter has narratives about; Mahashivaratri, the Athi Rudra Maha Yajnam recently performed at Ramana Ashram, the visit of Joyce Meyers (a licensed psychotherapist from the U.S.) to Tiruvannamalai, news of the Shanthimalai Trust education sponsorship programme, a news round up under 'Arunachala Tidbits', stories and anecdotes, and Sri Ramana's answer to the question, 'Is everything ordained?' As well as the above, the featured bird in this current Newsletter is the migratory Grey Heron, and the herb, the indispensable Coriander (Cilantro -- as is more commonly known in the Americas).

In addition to the above there is also information about a large agricultural parcel of land for sale a short distance south of Arunachala.

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