28 April 2009

Ayyankulam Tank Perimeter

This morning I attended a function at Arunagirinathar Temple, next to Ayyankulam Tank. As I frequently visit this Temple, while there I also take the opportunity to explore the area.

The perimeter of the huge Ayyankulam Tank, is filled with Temples, Shrines, houses, colonies and neglected curious compounds.

As the view of Arunachala from the front of the Tank is obscured by development, I decided to walk around to the back of the Tank for Hill darshan.

In spite of rampant development the view of Arunachala with the Raja Gopuram of Arunachaleswarar Temple in the foreground is still spectacular and rather better than I anticipated.

As is usual at tanks, many local housewives line up to wash their clothes in the tank water.

Throughout there were fascinating passages and shrines, and traditionally built Indian cottages, which I took the opportunity to explore.

It would be fascinating to learn the history of these Shrine and Temples. Many of them are currently in the condition that the now famous shrines such as the Asta Lingams, Pavala Kundru, Kannapar Temple, Arunagirinathar Temple etc., were in as recently as 25 years ago before their renovation was taken up.

So maybe some of these deserted compounds, neglected Shrines and dilapidated Temples, will also be given a ‘new life’.


Divya said...

Beautiful photos and rich culture!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, its a lovely, rich culture, but not appreciated and not respected. Very sad.