14 April 2009

Not so scarey!

The below statue of Lord Narasimha is located at the Arunagirinathar Temple near the Ayyankulam Tank, Tiruvannamalai. Its a nice sequence of snaps that shows (perhaps to some) Lord Narasimha isn't so scarey after all! To read about the latest posting on Narasimha go to this link here.


Divya said...

Cute! the squirrel doesn't seem scared at all.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Theres been a lot of discussion on several postings about Narasimha and his fierceness. But he is actually very loving to his devotees (e.g. Prahlada) its only asuras and inimical forces (of the mind) that need fear him.

I thought the snaps of the squirrel playing so happily on Narasimha, was a divine set-up. How else would I have been there at just the right time with my camera to hand? Hmmm!?