10 May 2009

Quick Update

The below is a photograph of Parvati Hill (a spur on the West side of Arunachala). Nithyananda Ashram is located at this spot on the Girivalam Roadway. I stopped by this morning on my way home from Rajarajeshwari Temple, to check out what was going on.

Lots of posters and notification of programs. Below information about a Sannyas Training Programme.

While at the ashram, there was a medical camp underway, and a number of local folk were waiting for their turn with the doctor. Nearby there was a spiritual talk in Tamil in progress that was being conducted by a visiting pundit.

I'm too sure what the building programme is at this 3-acre ashram, however will post updates as they happen.


Grasshopper said...

You call it Parvati hill, but is it not Arunachala only?
I have also heard that that part of the hill are Shiva's feet, which means that's where the blessings flow from...

Meenakshi Ammal said...

All around Arunachala there are little spurs connected to the Hill that although recognised as being part of 'Arunachala' are also given their own names.

Such a spur is 'Coral Hill' on which Pavala Kundra Temple is located.

You can find a link at:

Parvati Hill is also regarded as a 'spur' to the Hill because of its distinctive position to Arunachala.

You can read more about Parvati Hill at:


Eileen said...

Lots of books in the photo, are they all about Nithyananda?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, most of them are about him -- a surprising number considering he is still so young - around 32 years old.