27 June 2009


I started off my roaming by having tiffin at a hotel on Sannidhi Street. The walls of the restaurant were covered with paintings of cartoon characters, interspersed with framed prints of the life of Krishna. Rather a curious but charming mix!

After my nice tiffin I headed for the front of the Arunachaleswarar Temple, to see if I could find some wind chimes for my garden.

I found the chimes and also had a chat with the trader who mentioned that his wares all come from Pondicherry. Now that was a surprise as I would have thought some enterprising artisan would have started up a cottage industry in Tiruvannamalai to produce such easy-to-make items.

Next to the wind-chime stall, a lady sat at her booth making malas to sell to devotees going into Arunachaleswarar Temple.

Its fun roaming around the inside and outside of Arunachaleswarar as its always such a beehive of fascinating sights.

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