29 July 2009

Fire Walking Pictorial

As mentioned in an earlier posting, here are some more photographs of Adi Pooram and of the Fire Walking ceremony. You can view the earlier posting at this link here.

In the upcoming Arunachala Grace Newsletter there will be a full information-filled narrative of the history and significance of the celebration of Adi Pooram and Fire Walking at Arunachaleswarar Temple. So if you are not yet a subscriber of the free Arunachala Grace Newsletter (sent direct to your email inbox) please visit the subscribe facility at the left hand column of this page.

Right click to view enlarged version of below photographs.

Flag Hosting Ceremony

Ladies at Vallaikappu Mandapam,

Ladies worshipping Amman at Mandapam

Amman at Vallaikappu Mandapam

Devotees bathing at Brahma Tirtham,
Arunachaleswarar Temple before firewalk

[If you look at the previous posting of the firewalk you will see that the fire embers are red hot. I suspect the grey colour of the embers in the below photographs are because of the position of the photographer.]


Schedule of Adi Pooram and Fire Walking
at Arunachaleswarar Temple

5 a.m. Amman Abhishekam

6 a.m. Alangaram

6.30 a.m. Flag Hoisting

8.00 a.m. Amman from Sannadhi to Vallaikappu Mandapam

4.00 p.m. Amman in Vallaikappu and the worship of Amman by ladies

4.00 p.m. Abhishekam

6.00 p.m. Valaikappu

8.00 p.m. Amman goes around the Temple and returns to Vallaikappu Mandapam

12.00 p.m. Adi Pooram firewalking preparation

1.30 p.m. Fire walking

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