12 July 2009

Kalyana Mandapam

The below murals are on the walls and ceiling of the Kalyana Mandapam, a hall which is infrequently opened and situated at the southern side of the third prakaram of Arunachaleswarar Temple. I am posting photographs of some murals representing more well known Arunachala legends.

As to the future renovation of the murals, we will have to wait and see -- one hopes that the ancient and beautiful murals are not renovated improperly or inexpertly. As to that more news when I get it.

The below photograph is of an ancient representation of Arunachala surrounded by holy tirthams (water tanks).

Arunachala with tirthams




The most important functions to be held at Arunachaleswarar Temple Kalyana Mandapam, are the marriage of Lord Siva and Sakthi during Panguni Uthiram and celebration of the days of Karthigai Deepam.

There are other special days during the year that the Mandapam is used, one such function is a group puja performed during one day each year (in the month of Adi as is the custom in most Tamil Temples dedicated to Shakthi). The group function is known as the 'Mangalaya Puja'. The above photograph is of such a function held at the Kalyana Mandapam at Arunachalaeswarar Temple in a previous year.

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