21 July 2009

Periapuranam and Ramana

Someone asked Bhagavan whether he deliberately went in for a study of Periapuranam. Thereupon Bhagavan said, “No. No. It was a mere accident. A relation of mine, my uncle, was given the book by a swami who was living near our house and was advised to read it. Thus the book happened to be in our house and, coming across it, I looked into it first out of curiosity and then, becoming interested, read the whole book. It made a great impression on me.

One of the earliest photographs of
young Ramana Maharshi

Before that, the sixty-three images of the Nayanars in the Temple were mere images and no more. But afterwards, they gained new significance for me. I used to go and weep before those images and before Nataraja, that God should give me the same grace He gave to those saints. But this was after the ‘death’ experience. Before that, the bhakti for the six-three saints lay dormant, as it were.”

Mr. Somasundaram Pillai asked Bhagavan, “With what bhava did Bhagavan cry before those images? Did Bhagavan pray he should have no further birth, or what?” Bhagavan replied, “What bhava? I only wanted the same grace as was shown to those saints. I prayed I should have the same bhakti that they had. I knew nothing of freedom from birth or bondage.”

[Day by Day with Bhagavan -- 6-10-1946]

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