1 July 2009

Rural Tiruvannamalai

Yesterday was a sleepy pretty day and I decided to walk back home after visiting some folk living several kilometres away off the Perumbakkam Road. It was lunchtime and quite hot, below is the view of Arunachala from where I started off. It is also the view from outside the Lord Ayyappan Grove.

To learn more about the legend and story of Lord Ayyappan visit this link here and for information on Sacred Groves here.

After stopping off at the Grove I continued walking northwards on the Perumbakkam Roadway.

And wherever possible both creatures and people were having a nice snooze during the hot midday sun.

Farmers below having their conference under a tree's shade.

A couple more agriculturists below having a good chat.

Ancient beautiful tamarind trees have survived the inroads of road modernisation and still line many of the roads and avenues around Tiruvannamalai.

And below perilously close to the roadway, rustic thatched country cottages line both sides of Perumbakkam Road.

An enjoyable, pretty walk that gave me the opportunity to remind myself just how sweet it is in these parts.

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