3 July 2009

Tiruvannamalai Animal Shelter

Previous to the opening of the Animal Shelter in Ramana Nagar (one kilometre west of Ramana Ashram off the Chengam Road) there was little help for the suffering animal population of this area. Packs of thin, unneutered dogs constantly roamed the city and were regularly rounded up and killed by municipal workers. Happily since the opening of the Tiruvannamalai Animal Shelter, the Municipality has ceased its dog culling in favour of the Shelter's more humane dog sterilization programme.

Below is a photograph of Vishwa, the manager of the Shelter who is in charge of animal rescue and dog round up.

Injured dogs are brought into the Shelter for diagnosis and treatment and street dogs are regularly rounded up and brought in for sterilization. After recovery the dogs are released in the same area from which they were captured.

Currently the Shelter has approximately 150 dogs, of which over 40 are permanent residents at the Sanctuary as, (through either injury or disease) the dogs are unable to fend for themselves.

As well as small animals, the Shelter always tries to help in any way it can. And currently the Shelter has (as residents) two monkeys and two cows. Below the young calf, who was injured by a speeding car, is resting its injured leg.

The below photograph is of Raja, a permanent worker at the Shelter and who is absolutely adored by the Sanctuary's dog population.

The next photograph is of Shanti, a great animal lover, who has her own large collection of dogs and cats at home, and who is also an invaluable worker at the Shelter.

If you are visiting Tiruvannamalai, why not check out the Animal Shelter and find out about their excellent service in this community and how their work is alleviating much suffering of our dear animal friends.

To find out more about their work, check out their own website at this link here.


Grasshopper said...

I once heard a youtube video of Swami Nithyananda in which he tells the story of a saint who had so much respect for the energy field of the Mountain. He was going somewhere and had packed some food for the journey. About thirty kilometers away from the mountain, he opened his tiffin to find some ants in it. And guess what he did? He walked back thirty kilometers to keep the ants back inside the energy feild of the Mountain.
It takes millions of good karmas to be born with the good fortune of living in the energy field of Arunachala.
So its a beautiful effort, looking the lives who breathe with the Mountain.
Maybe, most probably, hopefully, my next life will be at the feet of Arunachala.

prakasam kannan said...

Dear Grasshopper
how nice to read your comment.
today is fullmoon day.your wish will be definitely fullfilled.