22 September 2009

Vintage Photographs

Below are some interesting archival photographs of India taken around 1918. The first photograph is of a peak of the Girnar Mountain (Gujarat) which shows a rather interesting pathway to the top of the peak.

Some years back there was discussion at Tiruvannamalai amongst officials, regarding the possibility of making a special access path to the top of Arunachala complete with viewing platform on the Hill summit. Fortunately that never happened, however there are many sacred peaks and hills in India that have special pathways or cable cars extending to the peak. Palani is one example of a very famous pilgrimage site that has such ultra modern facilities.

I personally like the older times at Arunachala, when there weren't even lights on the rutted, narrow, rustic girivalam roadway. Nowadays the paved girivalam pathway has state-of-the-art electric lighting and is wide enough to accommodate the width of two very large trucks or buses. Oh dear!

The next photograph is of men shoeing a bullock at the side of the road. This is exactly the same way its done nowadays and throughout Tiruvannamalai its a common sight to see a bullock lying at the side of the road being fitted with new 'shoes'.

Blacksmiths and metal workers are also in abundance and you can often see them with their tools, burning up scrap metals at the side of the road.

Nataraja at Elephanta Cave, Bombay

The above is an archival photograph of villagers pounding rice. In more rustic spots, its still done like that.

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kandhan said...

Seeing the photograph of Girnar reminded me what I have read somewhere that Girnar is frequented by yogis/tantris who wish to attain siddhis.