18 October 2009

Deepam Festival Panthakal

The following photographs were recently taken in front of the Arunachaleswarar Temple Rajagopuram. The Panthakal ceremony occurs three months before Deepam (this year the first night of the lighting of the flame on top of Arunachala is December 1st). The ceremony included blessing the newly renovated Vigneshwarar Chariot which will be used during the Deepam festivities.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mami,

Sorry to have called you like that. Could you tell me exactly where is this srinivasan secondary school in the girivalam.

Have you heard of the mouna swamigal in the girivalam route. If you wish to see him then the landmark is gouthamar ashram in the girivalam route. He wrote and said that his kudil is near the gouthamar ashram and behind the adimudi siddhar jeeva samadhi temple. I am not sure with this but it is confirmed that it is near gouthamar ashram. you may confirm about his kudil with the ashram and the siddhar samadhi. I have personally met him and it was a casual meeting near the main annamalaiyar temple. His appearance is of a young person not less than 30-31, with a naturally formed french beard and he wears the kaavi dress like the kanchi paramacharya style. this mouna swamigal is the favourite of the mottayan swami. I have heard the mouna swamigal himself write and tell that when this swamigal visits the mottayan swami, the mottayan swami makes him sit in his lap. still this mouna swamigal preserves the photo of the mottayan swami though the edges of the photo are slightly damaged.

I would request you if you could post the photo of this mouna swamigal and his current where abouts. Recently in zee tamil they showed a video on the research on the parakkum siddhar during the show they showed mottayan swami and this mouna swami. For further details of the mouna swamigal kindly contact p. manohar 38, terku otthavadai theru tiruvannamalai - 606601 cell: 9361120497, phone: 04175-227448.he may help you as mr manohar was the one who intorduced me to this mouna swamigal who casually came to his shop.

Kindly refer my name as ananthakrishnan from chennai he may or may not remember as it is at least two yrs that I have not met him and the mouna swamigal.

in spiritual communion always

dr. s. ananthakrishnan

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Friend:

Thanks for the information about Mouna Swamigal. You have given enough information to make it easy to locate him -- so once that happens hope to supply a narrative with accompanying photographs.

In answer to your query about the location of Mottayan Swami. He is currently staying in the Headmaster's office at Srinivasan Higher Secondary School on the girivalam roadway.

The school is next to the Rajarajeshwari Temple on the Girivalam Roadway, right after the Nithyananda Ashram. Just head towards either of these spots and you will easily find the school which is adjacent.

On holidays, Swami resides on the upstairs verandah of the school -- but on school days, he spends most of his time in the Headmaster office.

He also visits the nearby Rajarajeshwari Temple daily.