15 November 2009

Human Influence on Local Monkeys

Below the four photographs is a short extract of a narrative taken from a Report entitled, “Measures of Human Influence in Habitats of South Asian Monkeys” The Report which attempts to define the potential influence of humans on monkey habitats and behaviour in South Asia, is based on four variables: description of the home range, level of harassment of the animals, habituation of the animals to humans, and the presence of predators.

In addition to this particular cited Report, many studies have been undertaken on the consequences of human disturbance upon non-human primates. In the case of Tiruvannamalai District, the most common non-human primates are the Bonnet Macaque and Langur Monkeys. Even though most of the monkeys around the Tiruvannamalai area are accustomed to the proximity of humans; groups within the area differ in their response to people based on past experience and learned behavior within the group.

Socialised Bonnet Macaque at
Ramana Ashram

Bonnet Macaque living off the
Girivalam Roadway

Langur Monkeys at
Pavala Kundru Temple

Extract from Report:

"Briefly the monkeys’ response to humans falls into four basic categories:

(1) Wild. The monkeys flee and hide when humans appear. Such an extreme reaction would be expected in areas where humans are encountered infrequently but would also include the rare cases where monkeys have been hunted. Habituation of such animals is extremely difficult.

(2) Semi habituated. The monkeys move away when humans actually approach, but are accustomed to occasionally disinterested human traffic through their habitat (as in the case of woodcutters).

(3) Habituated. The monkeys are accustomed to human presence, although they usually do not tolerate people coming too close to them unless food is thrown.

(4) Habituated and Routinely Commensal. The monkeys do not move away at benign human approach and are able to mingle with humans with minimal caution. They typically live on human refuse and provisioning."

To read the full report in PDF format, please click the following link:
Measures of Human Influence in Habitats of South Asian Monkeys

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