14 November 2009

Walking on Samudram Erie

Its around midday and I'm looking out of my window watching rain pour down outside. The last few weeks have been really wet but the day started pleasantly, and my six doggies and I took the opportunity to have an early morning walk on the Samudram Erie. Currently there is little water on the Erie, which still resembles a large puddle more than the 750 acre lake which it usually grows to by the end of the rainy season.

Still plenty of time for it to fill nicely as the Samudram is a catchment reservoir for water which pours off the Hill during the rains and runs through channels to the Lake.

Samudram is currently just a big puddle

Arunachala Samudram before rainy season

Arunachala Samudram after rainy season


Divya said...

Cute! Your doggies are lucky to have such a beautiful place to run around in, free and happy.

Anonymous said...

your pups are very lucky to have such a loving mom