15 January 2010

Mattu Pongal at Anaipirandhan

This morning I walked in the Arunachala countryside and visited the village of Anaipirandhan. I was on my way to the home of my local milkman Bharat, who daily delivers fresh cow milk to my house and for which I wanted to give his cows a BIG THANKS.

On the way to the village I passed locals going about their normal day. Below a friendly lady (with her two kids) doing her laundry.

On my way to Bharat's house, I passed lanes covered with kolam decorations and also noticed that many of the simple, rustic cottages had state-of-the-art antenna TV dishes to pick up as many stations as possible.

And finally I arrived at Bharat's house and was introduced to his five cows. And time for their morning Mattu Pongal bath. Later the cows would be decorated, their horns painted and heavily garlanded in time for their beautiful cow puja -- of which they would be the honoured recipients.



prakasam kannan said...

fantastic and once again shows your loving motherly heart.

Anonymous said...

your milkman needs to learn a thing or two. Wash the cow from behind. Throwing water at its face will only make it very defensive like the cow in your picture - tail up, horns ready to attack - not to mention the fear the poor animal must be going through can only be absorbed in the milk it will give next morning.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I expect my Milkman Bharat and his father wanted to wash the cow's face and horns prior to decoration and painting.

What you say about proper care of cows may be true, however the cows I viewed seemed content and peaceful and with a quality of life far superior to a majority of cows.

Anonymous said...

The cow's face and horns could have been washed by pouring water gently from behind the horns. Throwing a bucket of water from the front was attacking the poor animal - but then as you say, cows in India are generally treated very badly.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Anonymous I understand where you're coming from and yes, its always upsetting to see animals being roughed up.

However compared to the sterile living conditions of enclosed pens, milking machines and processed feed -- still think my Milkman's cows have a brilliant life.

And look at the location? Doesn't get much better.

prakasam kannan said...

very true amma what you say is.