19 March 2010

2010 Mahashivaratri Photo Archive

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The below photographs are a photographic archive of 2010 Mahashivaratri celebrated at Arunachaleswarar Temple at this Shiva Sthalam.

The first photographs are of the beautiful, large kolams traditionally created on the floors of the Temple Compound during this function -- which this year was celebrated on March 13th through March 14th.

As is the tradition at Arunachaleswarar Temple during this Festival, there were a variety of spiritual dramas, Bharatnatayam dances and a musical programme of the drummer Shivamani and his ensemble.

During 2010 Mahashivaratri, Arunachaleswarar Temple including its Shiva Sannidhi stayed open throughout the night. One of the pujas during the night kala, was that of the Lingodhava. To find out more about the history of the dispute between Brahma and Vishnu and the relevance of the Lingodhava, view this link here. To learn more about the Ketaki (Screw Pine) Flower, go here.

One of the more popular pujas performed at Arunachaleswarar Temple during 2010 Mahashivaratri was that of the Periyar (big) Nandi inside the Temple Compound.

As the evening progressed devotees and pilgrims left their offering of lighted oil lamps around the perimeter of the Tanks inside the Arunachaleswarar Compound. Mahashivaratri celebrated at this place is truly a spectacular function and to Shiva devotees, its well worth visiting and participating in upcoming Mahashivaratris celebrated at this place.


RichardArunachala said...

Beautiful pictures, especially of the kolams. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kolam. How long would it take to draw one, would you know?