2 March 2010

Hope and Healing, Animal Sanctuary

We are always happy to update information on the wonderful work the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary is undertaking here at Tiruvannamalai. To read the following article about the shelter entitled ‘Hope and Healing’ please visit this link in the National Newspaper, The Hindu.

The Sanctuary is located a 5 minute walk from Ramana Ashram, just off Chengam Road (Girivalam roadway). Those at the Shelter are always happy to show interested persons around their facilities, so consider dropping by and learning more about the excellent service they extend to animals of this area.

Their own website, with information, case histories and photographs can be found at this link here.


I myself happily adopted an abused, destitute animal from the Shelter and below provide my own before and after snaps to show just how BIG a difference the Shelter is making in the lives of our sweet brethren.

Victor Before

Victor Today

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Anonymous said...

Your dog Victor looks beautiful now. Well done for the rescue job.