2 March 2010

Vallalan Maharaja

In response to the recent request of a reader of Arunachala Grace about more information on King Vallalan Maharaj, below is a short extract of the King and explanation of his significant connection with Arunachaleswarar Temple. To find more in-depth information about Vallalan Maharaja, visit this link on my website.

Briefly, the Arunachala Purana describes King Vallalan as an embodiment of all human virtues renowned for his uprightness, generosity and love for Lord Arunachaleswarar.

The story goes that King Vallalan had no issue, and Siva tested him for his piety and thus became a child at the hands of the King and his wife. King Vallalan embraced the child and later Lord Siva disappeared. When the king prayed for a child, Lord Siva assured him that he himself would perform all his funeral rites as he had become a child to the king.

Even now in the month of Masi (February) when the annual anniversary of King Vallalan’s death occurs, at the instruction of Lord Arunachaleswarar, the Lord is taken in procession with great Ceremony to the village Pallikonda Pattu, where the funeral rites take place. This festival is known as 'Masi Maga Theerthavari' Urchavam.

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