21 April 2010

Somayagya for Global Healing April 2010

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Our dear friends at the Vedic Society have informed us about a Maha Soma Yagya which will take place from April 24th to 29th, 2010 at Auroville, (just 10 kms north of Pondicherry). There will be 18 pundits and 22 helpers performing the Yagya, which will last for five days. All four Vedas (Sama, Rig, Yajur and Atharva) will be chanted during the Homam.

In the Vedic Society Website they explain that:

“Yagyas are ancient Vedic practices that were performed to bring coherence and harmony to the world though mantra, fire and the release of medicinal and aromatic substances as smoke. In all ancient cultures fire was used to invoke communication with the creative intelligence of nature.

Soma is the lunar and nourishing component of nature, which gives us vitality, health, wisdom and stability in our human physiology. And Yagyas are performed to increase the quality and quantity of Soma for the entire society. The Soma plant is put into the Yagya fire with specific combinations to produce a unique effect harmonizing.”

To learn why its necessary for Global Healing, to perform such Yagyas and to understand their scientific basis, please refer to the Vedic Society’s page dedicated to this upcoming event. While at their site you will also learn how these Yagyas preserve living traditions and information letting you know how you can attend this special Yagya function.

If you are unable to travel to Auroville, other methods of support are outlined in the Vedic Society website, where in addition there will be a live streaming feed covering the event.

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