23 November 2010

Sri Nannagaru Question and Answer Session

As is his usual custom Sri Nannagaru, who hails from Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh, spent Deepam at his Ashram at the foot of Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai. I've written about Swamiji many times in Arunachala Grace, but briefly would mention that he considers his life work twofold, to tell people about the glory of Arunachala and also to disseminate the teachings of his own Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi. To read more about Sri Nannagaru, please visit his website at:


Tomorrow, i.e. November 24th, 2010, there will be a Live Feed, Question and Answer session with Sri Nannagaru at IST 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. To watch please visit this link at:


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