11 February 2011

Swami Ramdas on Selfless Love

“The nature of selfless Love is unalloyed joy. It is Love for Love's sake. Love here fulfils itself in loving. Such a Love has its root in eternity. It does not belong to the material aspect of life. So it springs from the immortal source of your being. In fact, it is the light and perfume of the Divine Spirit within you. Such a Love universalizes your outlook, and brings about the fusion of the soul with God. When your heart overflows with love towards all beings and creatures in the world, you experience a joy and ecstasy which is incomparable. God is defined as pure Bliss and Peace. So God is Love and Love is God.”

[By Swami Ramdas]

One of Swami’s closest devotees, Swami Satchidananda said in a narrative of Swami Ramdas,

“If anyone wants me to tell them something about Beloved Papa, I ask them to visualise what it would be like if, by some divine alchemy, Love and Bliss were to coalesce and stand before them as one luminous entity. That is how Papa can be seen with the naked eye.”

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To find out more about the life of Swami Ramdas you can make a free download of his autobiography ‘In Quest of God’ in PDF format from this link

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