14 May 2011

AIADMK wins in Tamil Nadu

Very happy news for many in Tamil Nadu, is that the AIADMK has won a resounding victory in the recent State elections. The victory for many is a symbol that there will be greater transparency and a return to more stable and traditional values in the State.

In a way the response in Tamil Nadu to Jayalalithaa and the AIADMK is very similar to the response in the U.K. when Tony Blair was elected and in the United States to the election of Barack Obama as President. Although both Western victories heralded a ‘new start’ we hope and believe that the upcoming tenure of Jayalalithaa will be a greater success than either of the aforementioned Western premiers.

In a previous election victory Jayalalithaa was reported to have said:

"People of Tamil Nadu consider me their mother . . . only a mother knows what a child wants," she said adding "I will prove to be a good mother."

To read an interesting article about Jayalalithaa, entitled, “Tamil Nadu election results: Jayalalithaa's massive comeback”, go to this link here

During her election campaign, Jayalalithaa had predicted that with her allies, she would win upwards of 185 of the 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu assembly. Her prediction proved insufficiently ambitious, as the final tally of Tamil Nadu assembly seats show that her party with allies, won 199 of the State's 234 assembly seats.

Party sources say that Jayalalithaa was so confident of returning to power that she had booked the Madras University Centenary Hall for her swearing-in as the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

In the case of Tiruvannamalai District, although the AIADMK won six seats in Tiruvannamalai District, the DMK held on to the prize seat of Tiruvannamalai as per the below results.

I know many were hoping that the AIADMK rout would continue also in our own Tiruvannamalai, but sadly it was not to be so. However, we hope that the new State Government will also affect positive and auspicious changes in Tiruvannamalai.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jayalalitha. Please convey our good wishes to her. Here are a few things I think she should take care of as first order of business.
1. Give Rukku, the elephant and the cows their two weeks of vacation time in the forest.
2. Set up one central authority to administer Tiruvannamalai and make the Girivalam path safe for pilgrims - it means no traffic. Provide clean, safe and affordable housing. Tirupati and Vaishno Devi have it. Jayalalitha should do something for Tiruvannamalai as well.
3. Create a path from Ramana Ashram to the main temple.
4. No honking for miles around Arunachala.
5. No loud music.
6. Set up a traffic light near Ramana Ashram so we can cross the road safely.

I am sure Arunachala and the pilgrims will bless her for it.