18 September 2011

Wish Fulfilling Arunachala

Another aspect of Arunachala Girivalam, is the Hill’s reputation as a fulfiller of wishes. This aspect of the Hill is particularly emphasised every year during the Deepam Festival; during which time two of the Radhams appearing in night time processions around Arunachaleswarar Temple are the Kalpavriksha (of which the wish-fulfilling divine Kalpataru Tree is a synonym) under which Lord Arunachaleswara and his Goddess, Unnamulai are seated, and Kamadhenu (upon which sits Goddess Saraswati), the miraculous cow of plenty that gives whatever is desired.


It is often this wish fulfilling aspect of Girivalam that brings so many pilgrims each Poornima (Full Moon) to the Hill, whatever the difficulty or weather, to perform circumbulation. In fact many pilgrims prefer it when the conditions are extreme (cold, heavy sheeting rain, previous tapas such as fasting and mortification etc) as they believe that the greater the difficulties they overcome in performing girivalam, the greater will be the focus of their sankalpa (intention) and success of their wish.


The now deceased Annamalai Swami explains the power of the Hill as thus:-

. . . It is not an ordinary hill. It is spirituality Itself. It has a powerful, magnetic pull to the Self. Seekers who come to this place with the intention of realizing the Self will have untold benefits to do pradakshina on a full moon.

In the proximity of this holy hill the presence of the Self is more powerful and more self-evident than anywhere else. Indian mythology speaks of a wish-fulfilling tree. If you find this tree and tell it what you want, your wish will be granted. Arunachala also has this reputation. This is why so many people come here on a full moon night and walk around it. But very few people come here and ask for their complete freedom, for undisturbed peace.

Arunachala is a light. It shines whether or not you believe in it. It is the light of the Self, and the light of the Self will continue to shine on you whether you believe it or not.

Arunachala is greater than all other religious places. There are other holy, powerful places in the world, but none have the power of Arunachala . . . There is a huge amount of shakti, or spiritual energy, here.

[Annamalai Swami]


Anonymous said...

Is there any instance of Bhagavan Ramana mentioning the merits of Giripradakshina on fullmoon days?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I'm sure there are lots of references to Sri Ramana mentioning the efficacy of girivalam on Poornima. When I find the correct information will post.

Anonymous said...

When will the nightly processions be this year?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

This year Mahadeepam (the lighting of the flame) will be at dusk approximately 6.05 p.m. on December 8th 2011. That day is called Day 10 of the Festival and the flame will be kept alive for approximately from anywhere to 8-13 days thereafter.

Previous to the 10th day there are days of processions and festivities held for three days at Durgaman Temple and a subsequent nine days at Arunachaleswarar Temple.

In 2011, the Velli Karpagha Viruksham (Auspicious tree which will fulfill your wishes), Velli Kamadhenu Vahana were held on the evening of the 4th day of the Deepam Festival i.e. November 15, 2010, with Mahadeepam falling on November 21, 2010.

This year the order of the Festival functions will be approximately the same, with the Wish Fulfilling Tree and Kamadhenu (Car) being held on the 4th day (approximately November 29th) and Mahadeepam on the 10th day, December 8th, 2011.

To view the 2010 Deepam Festival Calendar on this Blog, to to the link:

As soon as the Temple releases the 2011 Deepam Festival Calendar, I will post it on this Blog.