1 October 2011

Iron Age Sites

Tiruvannamalai Hill is constituted of igneous rock and forms part of the Javadi Hill range of Tamil Nadu. Geological surveys are reported to show that Arunachala is older than the Himalayas, and as to its longevity, it is stated in the Skanda Purana that:

Sri Siva said:

"Let this perpetual and immobile Fiery Form of mine, famous as Arunadri, be present here forever. (27)

Even at the close of the Yugas the great oceans shall not submerge it, the winds shall not shake it and the fires shall not burn it." (28)

[Skanda Purana - iii(U).16.27-28]

The age of the area is evidenced by the dates of the rock formations, but it is an area which also has been inhabited for many thousands of years. And in this respect Megalithic burial sites over three thousand years old and spread over three kilometres were recently discovered at the foot of a hill chain near Veeranam Village, Tiruvannamalai District.

The sites are marked by cairn-circles, which are rough stones arranged in a circle indicating burial chambers below. The chambers accompanied by urns containing bones and pottery with paddy, beads, knives, swords and other artifacts.

Such burial sites are highly valued by Historians, as they provide information about the social life of the Sangam Age in Tamil Nadu. In this respect The Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department and The Archaeological Survey of India are being asked to involve themselves in conservation of remaining historically rich areas by offering them protection under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.

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