20 November 2011

2011 Karthigai Deepam Invitation

I previously posted a leaflet issued by the Arunachaleswarar Temple, giving details in Tamil (with my own English translation) about the 2011 Kathigai Deepam Programme.

Subsequently the Temple has issued another leaflet with more information about the programme, and importantly details for devotees wishing to purchase ghee to be offered in the Deepam Cauldron, and thereafter to receive prasad from the Cauldron (which will be posted from the Temple in mid-January). The prasad is a black sticky residue packed individually in small plastic sleeves.

I have often participated in the Ghee Pot scheme, however I have never done so by post, so cannot give any specific information as to how efficiently the Temple runs the prasad postal scheme. But the ghee will be purchased and offered into the Cauldron.

Am posting this information because I know many readers will wish to make a ghee offering to the Deepam Cauldron, and thereupon receive prasad taken directly from the inside of the Deepam Pot, after the Festival is concluded.

At the very bottom of the below leaflet (right click to view enlargement), there is information in Tamil regarding the purchase of Deepam Ghee Pots, the English translation follows below:

2011 Deepam Invitation

“Devotees are welcomed to pay and send their offerings towards "Ghee Pots". Devotees can arrange Rs.200/- for a half kg (500gms), Rs.100/- for 250 gms and Rs.50/- for a small offering, in person or through DD (Demand Draft) or MO (Money Order) or Bank Cheque in favour of; "Executive Officer, Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple, Tiruvannamalai" Landline: (0)4175-252438.

The devotee should include their proper contact address. Devotees who send a Ghee Pot offering will receive the Deepam Cauldron prasad through the post after the Aarudhra Festival which is celebrated during the Tamil month Maarghai (i.e. will be mailed around mid-January).

Devotees who are interested in offering for "Kattalai Archana Scheme" are also requested to send their offering to the same address above in the sum of Rs.200/- for one year and Rs.5000/- for life long. According to the scheme a special Archana (offering) will be carried out in the name of the devotee or in the name of a person who they like on the dates as per the devotees’ preference e.g. birthday or marriage anniversary etc. The prasad will be sent to them by post.

Devotees who are interested in offering "Nithya Annadhanam" serving food to devotees are also welcome. As per request the devotee should pay Rs.20,000/- which will be held as a permanent deposit, and the interest will be collected for the amount and food will be served on the date of the devotees’ preference. Interested devotees can send their offerings to the above-mentioned address, through the post, or come in person.”

Top of Arunachala near Cauldron
surrounded by Ghee offerings

Wick coated with ghee

Cauldron packed with
ghee coated wick

Cauldron preparations complete

Deepam Cauldron 2010


Anonymous said...

I was told people living abroad may not get the black sticky residue because foreign governments have in the past returned them to the temple.

I think the customs officials thought it was material for black magic or something related to terrorism. I still donated money for the ghee even though I know I may not get the prasad. Arunachala knows I gave

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, think you have a point. Something of the sort happened to me when I sent vibhutti to a friend in Canada. The package was stopped at Customs that end and the contents thoroughly poked, prodded and analysed in a laboratory.

Months later my friend received the package with Customs taping all over it and a notice that the package was being released after tests had shown that the contents was not illicit.