15 November 2011

Some Animals in my Day

So many animals interact so seamlessly in our days, that often one doesn't even notice. Bonnet Macaque Monkeys are part and parcel of life in Tiruvannamalai, and not a day goes past that one doesn't see the urbanised monkey living its life side by side with its human brethren.

Most Bonnet Macaque Monkeys are mischievous and opportunistic, and I was very glad to have my camera to hand so I could take snaps of this naughty little imp engaged in a motorbike heist. The monkey noticed me watching, but as soon as he understood that my attention was more admiring than admonishing, he continued with his snack larceny.

Then I returned home and picked up my doggies for a nice walk on the Samudram Erie. And what a pretty day. See how everything is green and iridescent?

And here are three of my doggies hanging around waiting for movement. My other doggies are close by.

The Samudram Erie is almost dry except for some rather nice large puddles which make the grazing Water Buffaloes very happy.

And as I was watching the Water Buffaloes, a beautiful Brahminy Kite flew over my head. To find out more about the Brahminy Kite and to view photographs, go to this link here.

In these parts the Brahminy Kite is believed to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu's Vahana (vehicle), the Garuda. To read about Garuda Mythology go to this link here.

A very beautiful day, which was made even more beautiful by the lovely animals of Arunachala.

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