8 December 2011

Cattle Fair, Tiruvannamalai 2011

One of the traditions of Deepam at Tiruvannamalai, is that each year during the Festival, there is a Cattle Fair. The fair is packed by farmers and traders either selling their livestock, or on the lookout to make a purchase. There are cows, buffaloes, horses and ponies, and its always a delight to walk amidst the hundreds of creatures tethered in the fields around the base of the Hill.

Quite appropriately the large open ground outside the Animal Sanctuary this year, is one of the areas most densely packed with livestock. But not just in the fields, also lining up on each side of Chengam Road, strong, healthy looking bullocks lie serenely chewing on hay. Good holiday for them!

As well as the fields of livestock, there are also stalls upon stalls selling various implements, ropes and adornments for cows, buffaloes and horses.

Some of the horses this year are so pretty, I was seriously tempted to bring a couple home to join my doggie family. Itching to fatten them up and give them a good brushing.

The annual Deepam Cattle Fair, just another part of the fun and excitement of the Festival.

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Alan said...

Yes, those white horses are very beautiful.