20 February 2012

2012 Mahashivaratri Arunachaleswarar Temple

During the day, artists made large coloured floor decorations throughout the Temple Compound, in themes connected with Lord Shiva. Its always nice when the gates leading to the Temple Tanks are opened and pilgrims can walk around the side of the tank, sit on the steps and even, during this particular night, place their lighted deepams around the Tanks' perimeters.

This evening there will be cultural programmes conducted in the Temple's Outside Hall and later an elaborate all night puja will be conducted inside the Lingam Mulasthana and a shorter puja at the Lingodbhavamurti (located outside the back wall of the Lingam Mulasthana).

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Shiva Lingam

Shiva with the Goddess Ganga
flowing from his head



Individual Deepams on
Perimeter of Temple Tank

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Anonymous said...

I have many questions for you:
How hot will it be in Tiru in Mar-April?

What spiritual activities will I be able to take part in if I come then?

Has the new Ramana library been completed yet?

How is Rukku? I read somewhere that the mahouts some training in compassionate care of elephants. Now that is good news.