21 March 2012

Haven in Arunachala Countryside

Today I made a trip to the countryside to visit friends who have just purchased a parcel of 5 acres some 5 kms from the Arunachala girivalam roadway. After making sure that my own dogs would be well looked after in my own compound, I set off on my adventure.

The land is located at Periyarpalliyapattu, a small rural, unspoilt area with darshan of Arunachala. The purchasers a married couple (Philippe from France and Kiran from North India) are now busy overseeing the development of their land. A large crew spent a few weeks unearthing and breaking up large stones, more workers set up posts on the land boundaries which later will be fitted with barbed wire and another group of specialist workers have been busy digging an agricultural well. The well which is supposed to be 40 feet deep is already beginning to fill at only 10 feet, so the workers will have to be inventive in how they continue their dig. Only another 30 feet to go.

Next month work commences on a house, cottages and several other structures. All buildings will be made with local ecologically friendly material according to traditional South Indian designs and concepts.

Philippe and Kiran, who are devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba have already been given permission by local authorities to designate the area Sathya Sai Nagar. Their wish is to create a haven in the Arunachala countryside where pilgrims can concentrate on their sadhana in the shadow of the great Hill. I will be giving regular updates on progress on the development of their haven “Greenland”.

Arunachala from Land

Area surrounded by Hills

Beautiful Expansive Area

Vinayaka has Already Arrived

Nearby Pond

Babysitting my Friends' Dogs

The Well Crew

Hot Work on a Summer's Day

Well is Already Over 10 feet Deep

Checking out Workers' Hut

Their Ingenious Outside Cooker

Philippe with Doggies

Posts Marking Land Boundary

Kiran and Phillipe
with doggies Jodhaa and Akim

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Anonymous said...

It will be amazing once the buildings are up. Talk about a blessed Arunachala haven!