2 March 2012

Tamil Nadu Tourism

More than 14 crore (i.e. 140,000,000) tourists visited Tamil Nadu during 2011, marking a 42.34% increase over the previous year in which the State played host to 10.58 crore visitors.

According to the State Tourism Department's data, the flow of foreign tourists into the State was 33.08 lakh last year (i.e. 3,300,008) as against 28.04 lakh in 2010. Domestic tourists accounted for 13.67 crore in 2011 against 10.30 crore the previous year. Since 2008, the domestic tourists' arrivals have doubled while that of foreign visitors has gone up by 50 per cent.

Out of the 14 crore tourists, Tiruvannamalai received (81.05 lakh = 8,100,005), Chennai 1.29 crore, Rameswaram 97.58 lakh, Madurai (84.93 lakh), and Kodaikanal (79.10 lakh). Check out this link, to read more about tourism in Tamil Nadu.

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m said...

Sheesh. That is some increase. I think the prices would have risen across the board.