20 April 2012

Chithirai Ursavam Panjangam Padithal

The year of 2012 has so far been very auspicious in Tamil Nadu, as we have been able to celebrate it four times. First on the traditional Western-centric January 1st and then during Pongal (during which period the State Government has been trying to officially but unsuccessfully relocate the beginning of the Tamil Year). And the last two New Year celebrations occurred this month on the 13th and 14th of April. The double date a result of it being a leap year in 2012. 

The priests reading the 2012 alamanac (Panjangam Padithai) are from our own Arunachaleswarar Temple. This reading which takes part at the beginning of the Tamil New Year in April, tells about weather, harvest, wealth and auspicous dates for the upcoming year. And shows the Vedic Hindu Astrological calendar with information about the position of celestial bodies. 

The below photographs are of Chithirai Ursavam Panjangam Padithal, and celebrate Chithirai i.e. the first month of this Tamil year. Ursavam is a Festival (generally lasting 10 days) which is celebrated on behalf of anyTemple.

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