22 April 2012

The Remarkable Pied Kingfisher

One of the most fascinating birds found locally at Tiruvannamalai is the beautiful Pied Kingfisher. One can see these birds around jheels, water tanks and ponds around the Hill. Even now several of the birds visit a small pond of stagnant water on the Samudram Erie. 

To view photographs and find out more about this remarkable agile, hovering bird, please visit my blog Arunachala Birds at this link here.

In the meanwhile take this opportunity to view the below superb BBC Wildlife video of the Pied Kingfisher which demonstrates its unique way of fishing. 

The bird hovers stationary for considerable periods, 10m or so above the water, ‘standing on its tail’, and hurls itself, wings pulled in at the sides, at fish coming up within striking depth. On emergence with the quarry, the bird flies off to a convenient rock where the victim is battered before being swallowed. 

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Jyothi said...

Oh this video is just wonderful. And to think this bird is often seen at Tiruvannamalai.