6 May 2012

Tiruvannamalai Railway Station, May 2012

A dear friend and yearly visitor from Malaysia, asked me to check out the railway timetable for Tiruvannamalai for Deepam 2012. 

I have also had several requests from readers, to post up-to-date photographs of Tiruvannamalai railway station. 

Thus, in order to get information and photographs, I visited Tiruvannamalai railway station yesterday morning. While there I learnt that there will shortly be a new rail timetable schedule for Tiruvannamalai. Thus the schedule below may not be in operation for a long time. In addition a train schedule for Deepam, will only be published a short time prior to the Festival. 

Regular Train 
06842 (North) Villupuram to Katpadi arrives 05.45 departs 05.50 
06841 (South) Katpadi to Villupuram arrives 19.35 departs 19.40 

Weekly Train 
16779 Tirupathi to Madurai - Sunday/Friday arrives 18.25 departs 18.30 
16780 Madurai to Tirupathi - Sunday/Friday arrives 03.55 departs 04.00 

Weekly Train 
22603 Kharagpur to Villupuram - Thursday - arrives 20.25 departs 20.30 
22604 Villupuram to Kharagpur - Monday - arrives 12.10 departs 12.15 

Weekly Train 
22605 Purulia to Villupuram - Tuesday - arrives 20.25 departs 20.30 
22606 Villupuram to Purulia - Saturday - arrives 12.10 departs 12.15 


The first photograph is the view of Arunachala when coming out of the Tiruvannamalai Railway Station. The road of the second photo, is the driveway up the Railway Station. 

Glad to see in the newly modernised Railway Station, that they kept the name board the same nice bright yellow as before. 

Although there is a brand new bridge connecting the platforms, while I was at the station I saw NO-ONE using the bridge. All seemed to prefer scampering across the tracks. Hope that changes when the tracks are electrified when the next phase of the development of the Railway Station takes place. 

The station is being maintained very well, and it was spotless on the day I visited. They even had a lady walking the tracks picking up the ubiquitous plastic from the lines. 

The new platforms are inordinately long, so glad that there is a helpful sign displayed for the engine driver! 

 Track Maintenance 

 View of the lines and station from 
the railway crossing in town. 

 The railway crossing in town. 


Prasad Balan Iyer said...

Thank you for the update & the photographs!

arunachalam giri said...

nice and it is easy to darshan of lord siva i.e. Arunachaleswar, please continue