22 May 2012

Urchava Maha Rudrabhishek, Big Temple

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Temples have various types of idols. One type of idol is fixed, and are generally referred to as Moola Vigrahams (Moolavars) or primary idols. Another type of idol are known as Urchavars or Urchava Moorthies, and are generally smaller and meant to be taken around the Temple and town in processions during Festivals. Most Urchava Moorthies are crafted in Panchaloha – which is a composite of five types of materials: gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze. 

Below is a series of photographs of an elaborate puja at Arunachaleswarar Temple, which took place this May 2012 Sivaratri (new moon night)  performed on the Urchava Moorthies. 

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