7 September 2012

The Plastic Menace

One can understand the reasoning behind the rapid development of Tiruvannamalai and surrounding countryside, however sometimes it seems that that development has completely unnecessary environmental consequences. One such issue is the proliferation of plastic waste throughout the area. 

Happily our Tiruvannamalai Administration is now throwing its full weight behind the drive AGAINST plastic in this area. 

A recent newspaper report states: “Facebook may not have ‘dislike’ button but you can express your dislike towards any plastic garbage pollution, violation of ban on plastics in Tiruvannamalai on a specially created Facebook page ‘plastic free Tiruvannamalai and get the attention of authorities. 

Plastics carry bags, sachets, water glasses etc of less than 40 micron have been banned in Tiruvannamalai. Even those above permissible 40 micron should bear the name of the manufacturer. The ban came into effect from August 15. 

District Collector Vijay Pingale is showing keen interest in realising the goal of plastic free Tiruvannamalai and on his insistence every Municipality and Town Panchayat in Tiruvannamalai District is organising rallies against usage of disposable plastics. 

Meanwhile Mr. Pingale has asked people to post their complaints against violation of this ban in the Facebook fan page created by supporters of the mission. While addressing a rally in Kilpennathur on Thursday Tiruvannamalai District Collector announced that:- 

“If you come across any case of disposable plastics being sold or used violating the ban in Tiruvannamalai you just can capture it on your mobile phone and share the picture with details such as time and place on the Facebook page ‘plastic free Tiruvannamalai’, created by supporters of our mission. Authorities will observe the postings in the page and take action.” 

The Facebook page, link here, is not officially managed by the Tiruvannamalai Administration, however the Administration has given their assurances that follow up action would also be posted on that Facebook page. 

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