30 November 2012

Deepam Festival 2012, Ayyankulam Tank

After the night of the lighting of the Deepam on the top of Arunachala, there are several subsequent days celebrated at Tiruvannamalai which are also part of the Deepam Festival. For three consecutive evenings after the lighting of the Arunachala Deepam, the Gods are taken upon the Ayyankulam Tank upon beautifully decorated floats. 

Also during one of the days after Mahadeepam the Gods perform a grand circumambulation of Arunachala, stopping at many spots along the way, allowing devotess to make offerings to the Gods, and for the attendant priests to perform aarti. 

Ayyankulam Tank in the daytime
First Evening Lord Chandrasekhara

Crowds at Tank Edge, First Evening
Second Evening, Amman Theppal


Gods on Circumambulation

Stopping whenever requested

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