18 December 2012

Arunachala Grace Mentor Programme

Arunachala Grace is offering a Mentor programme for individuals and groups who wish to visit Tiruvannamalai and need assistance in arranging transportation and accommodation. In addition Arunachala Grace will arrange talks and tours for those who want to learn more about the history and mythology of Arunachala, its unique and extraordinary Temples, and its lineage of saints and seers. 

We invite you to email Arunachala Grace (top left corner) and begin a dialogue. 


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Anonymous said...

what kind of sadhana will be imparted in this mentoring program,and what resulting benefit can the participant acquire? are there some basic requirements that qualify one to apply? gandals 11

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I've always thought that it would be wonderful if Arunachala was declared a non-Guru zone and pilgrims who visit access the power and glory of the Sacred Hill direct.

When I first arrived at Arunachala it took me a long time to learn about many diverse aspects of the Hill -- particularly in connection with the history, mythology and Temples of this place.

The Mentor programme is to help visitors learn about Arunachala so they can access the power of the Sacred Hill more easily.

As to spiritual teachings, well, we leave that up to the multitude of satsang teachers that regularly visit this place.