12 December 2012

Whoops -- where's the water?

This year Tiruvannamalai has had very little rain. The monsoon season we were eagerly waiting for, never seemed to happen. And even though its rather nice to have continually azure blue skies, and a toasty sun -- it does mean that the farmers will have crop difficulties next year. 

Tiruvannamalai has several major reservoirs, that act as catchment areas for the water pouring down Arunachala during heavy rains. One of the major catchment areas, and a main source for water for the area is the Samudram Eri. 

The first photograph below shows a Samudram Eri in a previous year, with a good supply of water. 

In comparison the next sequence of photographs were taken recently and show, except for several ponds and large puddles, an almost dry Samudram Eri.

Where's the water gone?

Oscar having a bask in the sun

Some puddles at the back of Winnie
Holly checking out a little pond
Caspar tracking rabbits
A lovely but almost completely dry Samudram Eri


Snobby SydneySider said...

This is very troubling to know. Thanks for bringing our attention to this. I had no idea.

Divya said...

That is very sad, I hope rains come soon! By the way, how sweet to see your very LUCKY doggies enjoying a wonderfully expansive running area!