31 January 2013

The Faith that Moves Mountains

This post is dedicated to Meenal and Geeta -- friends of Arunachala who are both at a new blessed time in their lives.

The Faith that Moves Mountains

When you know not where to turn,
stay still, just where you are.
There is something yet to learn. 
Be careful lest you jar the threads that fate is weaving in a pattern you can't see. 
Be Passive.

Shadow of Arunachala

Trust the Hand that works the looms of destiny. 
Though it is your wish to set things right 
and put things straight, 
Choose the wiser way. 
Have faith. 
With patience watch and wait. 
There's a purpose in it all, 
as time will surely prove 
And when you least expect it, 
you will see the Mountain move 

[By Patience Strong] 


Maria said...

I used to read Patience Strong when I was a kid. This brings back so many memories.

Arvind said...


Absolutely stunning picture! Is it taken from the peak?

Best wishes

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I agree it is an amazing photograph. It was given sometime back but I have no idea of its history. A friend of mine who lives here thinks that it might have been taken from Pavala Kundru point.

The photograph must have been taken in the very late afternoon as you can guess the direction of the shadow because part of the Big Temple Compound is in the bottom right of the photograph.