9 February 2013

By-Pass Road, Arunachala Countryside

Today I walked at the back of the Samudram Eri from the Annamalai Reforestation Society (ARS) to Rangammal Hospital. It was only about one kilometre, but as that area is very beautiful countryside with a wonderful darshan of Arunachala, I was curious to view and assess the damage the bypass road will have upon the area. To begin with, the bypass road will be two lanes, but will be increased to four lanes as traffic increases. The distance of the bypass road will be around six kilometres and bifurcate the countryside with a road leading from NH66 (Bangalore Road) to the Sathanur Dam Road. 

You can make your own mind up after scrolling through the below photographs as to the difference the road will make to the Arunachala countryside. It’s difficult to understand why the sanctity of Arunachala is being further desecrated by the construction of yet another highway. Tiruvannamalai has always been strategic as an arterial access from west to east and north to south, but perhaps Tiruvannamalai deserves better than being relegated into something which seems to be regarded by commercial outsiders and non devotees as a restaurant and accommodation facility on the side of an increasingly invasive highway system. How do these highways actually benefit Tiruvannamalai and preserve the sanctity of Arunachala? At times like this I wonder, "Would this happen at Tirupati?" Why aren't we more responsible custodians of our own Arunachala?

Land compulsory purchased being developed
Local Rustic Farmer
Pristine Countryside

Highway cuts through this lovely area

Arunachala darshan, marker post for Highway

Highway bifurcates this 10 acre farm
Life continues during construction
Arunachala darshan from Highway

Pretty tranquility of the countryside

Two sections of new highway will be linked by bridge

Previously this area was deep countryside

New Highway leading to NH66

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