8 February 2013

Moorvi Compound Progress

This week I visited the Moorvi Compound, which is opposite the main Ramana Ashram compound. The Compound has been under development for the last year, during which time all the old one-storey accommodation was demolished and new multi-storey accommodation has been built as part of the Ramana Ashram modernisation programme. In addition the Ramana Ashram Centenary Library has now been remodelled into a multi-room facility.

At the beginning of the remodelling, I posted a narrative (with lots of photos) at this link here. The old Library building is being refurbished into separate accommodation rooms. To see photographs of the Old Library Building, check out this link here. Currently there is some heavy equipment being used in one remaining area in the Compound. The Moorvi Choultry, which has not been demolished, will be remodelled, and then all that remains to be done, is gardening work around the compound. 

In spite of the bits and pieces still to complete, rooms are already being allocated in the newly developed Moorvi Compound. 

Multi-storey accommdation

More rooms in Compound

Large Neem tree in Compound

Room in newly developed Moorvi Compound

Moorvi Choultry
Moorvi Choultry centre point
Back of Moorvi Choultry

Upstairs of multi-storey accommodation

Another view of two-storey accommodation

Generator in Moorvi Compound
Solar Panels outside wall of Compound

Heavy Equipment still in Compound

On right side old Library building

Old library building at bottom
Old Library building before refurbishment
Old Library Building with Rangoon Creeper
Multi-storey accommodation with car parking

Single storey rooms at Compound

View of Arunachala from Moorvi Compound


Anonymous said...

looks fantastic! thank you for your updates.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The compound is beginning to look very smart. Not too sure what they are planning on the refurbishment of the Moorvi Choultry building, but as it is the centre point of the compound, expect it will be something special.

Hai Baji said...
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