21 March 2013

Language of Silence

Swami Abhishiktananda

“India only reveals herself to those who are prepared to be still and over a long period to listen humbly at close quarters to the beating of her heart; only to those who have already entered sufficiently far into themselves, into their own depths, to be able to hear in the inner chamber of the heart that secret which India is ceaselessly whispering to them by means of a silence that transcends words. For silence is above all the language through which India reveals herself .. . and imparts her essential message, the message of interiority of that which is Within.” 
[Swami Abhishiktananda] 

Swami Abhishiktananda had a long history with Arunachala and spent a number of years living in various caves on the Hill's slopes. To read earlier posting on Arunachala Grace about this great soul, go to this link here

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