7 March 2013

Om Arunachala Application

A very nice application designed for both iPhone and iPad has just appeared on iTunes, which might be of interest to readers. Below is the information on the relevant iTunes page. I include one of the screenshots of the app. The information on the relevant download page explaining the application goes as follows:

"OmArunachala is an universal application designed as an easy reminder for the important days of the Lord Shiva's sacred pilgrimage Thiruvannamalai. This application is created with the Lord's devotees and those who are interested in Hinduism or ancient India's culture, in mind. This app carries with it the most important dates of Thiruvannamalai and let the user add any such date as a reminder to the device. 

screenshot of application

Following list of dates can be viewed for the year 2013 with this app: 

1) Girivalam (Full Moon -- Mountain Walk) 
2) Amavasai or Amavasya (New Moon night) 
3) Karthigai Deepam (Sacred day of the mountain itself; Considered the most important day of the temple and The devotees) 
4) Pradosham (Sacred day of Lord Shiva) 

The chanting within this app offers the divine chanting of Lord Shiva, which according to the ancient text, purifies the soul and increases the concentration of the enchanter. The devotees are advised to chant the Mantra while visiting Thiruvannamalai, Lord Shiva's city of sacrificial fire." 

To go to the relevant iTune page go to this link here.



Anonymous said...

MAUNI AMAVASYA(denotes silence) is the night preceding new moon,and not full moon night as stated.....correct me if i'm at error.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks for pointing out the error in the Amavasya notation. I copied it direct from the Apps page -- but expect that the application itself gets it right -- the Amavasya photo of the new moon is correct.

I have altered the narrative and it should now be okay. If you decide to download the app, please let me know how it is.