11 June 2013

Siva Sannidhi Accommodation Facility

To read an earlier posting on Siva Sannidhi, before the construction of the new annexe building, go to this link here.

I have received emails from readers eager to view the completed new annexe at Siva Sannidhi. I made this original posting of the new annexe, at this link here but now construction is complete and the new accommodation annexe which has 39 rooms is now fully operational. 

I am posting the below photographs to give an idea of the rooms and the facility. All rooms have two single cots, tiled floors, mosquito net windows, fan, attached western style bathroom and a small dressing room with sink. Bedding i.e. mattress, top sheet and pillows are standard in all rooms. 

The annexe is very quiet, comfortable, a two minute walk from Ramana Ashram and shops, and most importantly has a magnificent darshan of Arunachala. Accommodation rates are very reasonable and except over Deepam, long stays are allowed. The week of Deepam is always heavily oversubscribed, so the facility has no rooms available at that time. Siva Sannidhi has a dining hall in which food (Andhra Style, medium heat) is served three times a day). 

The manager and workers at Siva Sannidhi are very friendly and helpful and the facility which attracts a pilgrim type visitor does not have a commercial or worldly atmosphere. The new building at Siva Sannidhi is by far and away one of the most pleasant and convenient accommodation facilities located in the Ramana Nagar side of Tiruvannamalai. 

Arunachala Grace represents Siva Sannidhi as booking agent. So for more information or to make a reservation, please use our email contact at the top left side of this page. 

Welcoming Visitors to Shiva Sannidhi


Welcoming Lord Ganesha

Darshan of Arunachala from Shiva Sannidhi

         Elevator, new building

Standard Room

All windows with mosquito netting

Standard Western Style Bathroom

Some bathrooms have water heaters

Rooms have small dressing area with separate sink

Layout sample of first two floors

Seating area on Second Floor

Open area on Third Floor

Third Floor open area suitable for group meetings

Four rooms on fourth floor roof


Divya said...

Beautiful photos, it looks clean and neat and a very comfortable place to stay.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Its a fabulous place to stay. And considering its location, wonderfully quiet and peaceful. Highly recommended to pilgrims and visitors.

Anonymous said...

dedicated, polite and pious management and volunteers at sivasannidhi.

prabhaker venkat said...

Great place to stay at such a divine location.

Ananthapureesan said...

I have stayed in Siva sannidhi from 22/01/2014 to 26/01/2014. Very polite staff. Excellent administration.

Anonymous said...

Good place to stay..very clean and neet rooms...very polite staff


sreenivas tirumalasetty said...

my friend said about your hotel. i want to visit arunachala from may 1st to 15 of this year could you accomidate me. i am coming single.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

If you send me an email (top left column of page) I will give you full details for a reservation.

kamal said...

We are planning to come: n Jan 2016. Above it says some rooms have geysers. What about other rooms

Pavan Kumar G said...

Very good Place to stay in Arunachalam. I went two times and my friend went more than 20 times.
Its very near to Ramanasramam. well facilitaised.
Every time we start the Giri Pradakshinam from Dakshinamoorthy Temple.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Hi Kamal:

Only some of the rooms have water heaters . . . make sure to check with the office when making your room reservation.

Anonymous said...

How to book rooms over here ?/i hve plan in visiting in january ....

sivaramakrishna v said...

I have visited somany places but this place i could not forget forever.I have got phenominal change in my life after the visit.I am planning to visit very soon.

reddy n said...

HOWMUCH AMOUNT TO PAY THE ROOM?and breakfast,lunch and dinner prices?
with regards

Meenakshi Ammal said...

For queries and/or reservations please call Siva Sannidhi on their land line at (0)4175-235089 or the manager Mr. Ramakrishna on his mobile at (0)9789378779.