5 July 2013

Pradosham: "The Removal of Sins"

The below photographs are of the July 5, 2013 Pradosham as observed at the Arunachaleswarar Temple, Tiruvannamalai. 

Pradosham is a time especially meant for praying to Lord Shiva, as it is the time that Shiva absorbs devotees’ karma. Thus, it is believed that praying during the time of Pradosham will free us from sins and eventually lead to moksha. The twilight, Pradosham, marks the end of the day light and beginning of night. The day is ruled by Gods, angels and saints while night is ruled by evil spirits. 

Nandi the Bull at Big Temple Flagstaff

It was the Devas that approached Shiva during Pradosham to get relief from the demons. In their distress, Shiva and his mount Nandi assisted the Devas and from this legend has emerged the pratice of worshipping Shiva along with his sacred mount Nandi, at the time of Pradosham. 

Circumambulating the Shiva Sannidhi

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