30 July 2013

Replacing Bamboo Leaves at House

The side wall of the compound of my rented house became unstable after heavy rain, and rather than go through the time-consuming process of having a new cement wall constructed, decided that a bamboo wall would be a quick fix for my compound. 

Garden recovering from hot summer

Another reason for the haste, was I needed to make sure that my all of my six doggies were safe and secure in the compound – so the comparatively quick work of putting up a bamboo wall, seemed to be the smartest decision. 

Inner Metal Plates for Doggy Protection

I am posting some before and after photographs below showing the bamboo work at my house. The work is not yet complete as it still needs a bamboo frame and leaves for the inside of the wall. Thus in affect creating an invisible dog-resistant bamboo-metal plate sandwich.

Bamboo Wall from outside Compound

I know from experience that if the metal plates were not at the bottom of the bamboo wall, my doggies would burrow through in a matter of minutes. So by making a bamboo-metal plate sandwich, it will look nice and be completely dog-proof.

Side of House with Bamboo Frame

Side Bamboo Frame joining with Front Frame

I’ve been told nowadays that the bamboo used to leaves, is taken from immature trees, meaning that the leaves have a shorter life span. However, not too sure if its the leaves, or whether the workers do their work with an intentional short term obsolesce in mind!

Bamboo Frame at Front of House

New Bamboo Leaves on Side of House

Side Bamboo Frame at Corner with Front Bamboo

The leaf work around the side of my house was under two years old but from its previous decrepit, mangy look, seemed to be years older. I used local workers for this job, but nowadays most folk who want seriously good bamboo work bring in artisans from Pondicherry and other spots, as there is a deficiency of good bamboo workers at Tiruvannamalai

Front Bamboo Leaves

New Bamboo Leaves, side of Housae

As strong sun and heavy rains, shorten the lifespan of bamboo, house owners nowadays are also choosing lightweight aluminum in place of bamboo leaves.


Divya said...

LOVE your Eco-friendly bamboo walls! Not only is bamboo faster to construct, but I suspect it is much cheaper than a cement wall, and more cooling also. Besides that, for the side of your house, isn't nasty aluminum LOUD? What a difference between listening to rain or twigs dropping on bamboo leaves instead of aluminum!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The work isn't finished. Have bamboo yet to put up on the inside of the wall covering the aluminum sheet. The work was more expensive than I anticipated so have had to delay the last part. But have already purchased the bamboo and leaves for the work. It will look lovely and rustic when finished and most importantly will be completely DOG PROOF -- no burrowing this time pups!