22 August 2013

2013 Pradosham Dates, Arunachaa

Its clear to see from the regular photographs posted on Arunachala Grace of pradosham, that this auspicious time dedicated to Lord Shiva, which falls on the 13th day of every lunar fortnight, is attracting increasingly larger crowds to Arunachaleswarar Temple. To read about the significance of Pradosham go to this link here

Below are photographs of Pradosham observed on August 18, 2013 here at Tiruvannamalai. 

As this is such an auspicious time to visit Tiruvannamalai, below are the dates for upcoming 2013 Pradoshams. The dates below apply to India and IST, Pradosham dates in other countries may vary. 

[Pradosham which falls on Mondays is known as Soma Pradosham, on Tuesday are as Bhauma Pradosham and Pradosham which falls on Saturday is called Shani Pradosham]. 

Pradosham 2013 
September 2, 2013–Monday 
September 17, 2013–Tuesday 

October 2, 2013–Wednesday 
October 16, 2013–Wednesday 

November 1, 2013–Friday 
November 15, 2013–Friday 
November 30, 2013-Saturday 

December 14, 2013-Saturday 
December 30, 2013-Monday

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