8 August 2013

Bamboo Wall Completed

In an earlier posting at this link here, I uploaded photographs of bamboo work going on in my compound. At that time the work around the house had just been completed, and also bamboo and metal sheeting for the first part of the outside wall had been fixed.

The already completed work on side of house

As I have 6 dogs plus the occasional doggie visitor/s to my home, knew that without a metal bamboo sandwich, my fence would last but a few moments, so decided to make a more elaborate dog-proof arrangement in the garden. 

Outside bamboo with inner aluminum sheeting

Below are photographs of the now completed bamboo wall on the outside of my compound. 

The now completed inner bamboo

Dog proof Bamboo-Aluminum sandwich

Now that the work is over, and the bamboo men have left, birds and wildlife have returned to my garden. Below is a White Breasted Kingfisher, a long term resident in our garden, who has happily returned to us and has just had a nice soaking in the birdbath. 

 A very wet White Breasted Kingfisher
Kingfisher perched high in the tree overlooking fence

Close-up of bamboo with Frangipani Plant foreground

Frangipani is a very common plant all through the Arunachala area. It thrives on the hot weather of this area and is a beautiful and fragrant plant to have in one’s garden. I recently wrote a narrative in Arunachala Land about this beautiful plant, and also included mythological stories of the Frangipani as below.

“Many stories are associated with this beautiful plant. In “1001 Arabian Nights” there is a story of this plant which involves the tale of two sisters jealous of their younger sibling, check this link for the story.

Another story related to this beautiful plant appears in the Vishnu Purana; it is entitled 'The Seven Princes,' and the story goes thus . . . "click on this link to continue reading. 

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Divya said...

Looks great! And oh so Eco-friendly and doggie-safe.