25 August 2013

Mahakumbhabhishekam -- Ramana Ashram -- August 25, 2013

For two days (August 23rd and 24th) Homams were performed in the specially constructed Yagasala outside the Shrines at Ramana Ashram in order to infuse divinity and spiritual power into sanctified pots (kalasas) filled with consecrated water. 

Today during the Mahabhishekham programme Divine Power was transferred back by performing a salutary bathing (abhishekam) to the Gopuram and two Vimanas on the roof with the sanctified waters from the Kalasas. This ritual was performed while being accompanied by Vedic chanting and special rites. 

After the consecration on the roof of the Ashram, worship was then performed inside the Sanctum Sanctorums of the Ramana Maharshi Samadhi and Mother Shrine (Matrubhuteswara Shrine), in which further powers/energy were transferred to the Shrines. 

Left to Right: Gopuram, Mother Vimana, Sri Ramana Vimana

Left Mother Vimana, right Sri Ramana Vimana

Vimana over Matrubhuteswara (Mother) Shrine

Vimana over Sri Ramana Maharshi Shrine

Devotees watching Maha Abhishekam, Sri Ramana Shrine

Pouring the sanctified water over Mahalingam

[Thanks to Sethu, an officially accredited photographer for these remarkable photographs]. 

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crystalwolflady said...

This is beautiful thanks for sharing. I am new. (here) Just finished Reading "In Search of Secret India".
So blessed to find this blog.